Doorstep Walk: Sand Point

My first ‘Doorstep Walk’ of 2021; heading out to Sand Point from home, in what we refer to as Lockdown 3.0.

Sunday 10th January 2021

This was my first ‘Doorstep Walk’ of the year, with England having been set in to its third iteration of Lockdown, with the dawn of 2021. As hard as it appears sometimes, I do feel it’s very important to abide by the rules and to stay local to where you live.

I hope this post shows that, in my situation at least, it is possible to find a good amount of green space without travelling too far.

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Intentions for 2021

Some of my indefinite “plans” for what currently looks to be an uncertain 2021.

This year was always going to begin with an air of uncertainty, whether we went in to Lockdown in the UK or not. How long will it last for? Will these restrictions remain in place for the summer?

For reasons like this, I’m finding it hard to properly plan for 2021 – as much as I want to do this, so that I have something to look forward. So, instead of writing a very definite ‘plan’, I’m going to share some of my “intentions” for the twelve months ahead.

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Monthly Miles: December 2020

A look over my mileage from walks and runs in the close of 2020. Also totting up my total mileage for the year.

It is behind us! A new year is born and, while I’m looking forward to whatever may lie ahead, I’d like to reflect briefly on the final month of 2020 and tally up my mileage for the year.

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Walking the Polden Way

My first ever walk on the Polden Hills in Somerset and exploring the length of the Polden Way.

Sunday 22nd November 2020

I was born in Bristol and have grown up in North Somerset. Since 2012, I’ve been roaming the Mendip Hills along with other parts of Somerset. But I’d not previously been down to the Polden Hills… On the Somerset Levels, just south of Street and Glastonbury.

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